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Revitalizing Inherited Furniture Pieces

Inherited furniture

Inheriting antiques from family or friends can be exciting, but it can also leave you with questions on how to revamp old furniture. While getting free heirlooms is wonderful, a free sofa, coffee table, or dresser may be more trouble than it’s worth if it doesn’t fit in your aesthetic or is damaged from decades of use.

The furniture experts at Aaron’s Touch Up can show you how to transform old furniture from dull to dynamic. Whether your inherited piece is upholstered, wooden, or both, our expert craftsmen have the solutions you need to give that old furniture a modern makeover.

Is It Worth Reusing Old Furniture?

Before you decide how to make your old furniture look modern, it’s important to evaluate whether it’s worth keeping. A solid wooden sofa from the early 20th century to the 1960s or 1970s likely has good bones. If you like the general shape and the frame is superior quality (for a chair or sofa), reupholstering is the way to go. We can perform surgery on your inherited furniture piece, replacing springs, renewing fillings and foam, and working with you to choose a fresh fabric you’ll love in your home for many years.

If you have a wooden piece, there are fewer items you can change. A furniture expert at Aaron’s Touch Up can help you decide on a new stain for a dresser or coffee table, as well as new fixtures where applicable. A solid inherited wood furniture piece from several decades ago may be well worth preserving and can be transitioned to a more modern finish.

Updating Old Furniture vs. Buying New Furniture

There’s no doubt about it, investing in your inherited furniture will cost you money. Reupholstering chairs or a sofa and refinishing wooden furniture does have an associated cost. However, many modern pieces aren’t built to the same quality you’ll find in your heirloom pieces.

While reupholstering can get expensive, depending on the type of fabric you choose, a solid frame and new upholstery will save you money vs. a comparable new chair in the same quality construction. If you’re interested in preserving family heirlooms and keeping your furniture for decades, investing in inherited pieces is a smart decision.

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