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Residential Furniture Services

Furniture repair services

Among the finest of furnishings are those that adorn residential living and bedrooms. Creative designs, quality construction, and superior utility are features worth saving, and Aaron's Touch Up & Restoration has a team of home furniture repair & refinishing services experts brimming with the talent and enthusiasm it takes to turn beautiful but worn antiques into contemporary treasures.

The Home Furniture Fix for Your Priceless Items

Our one-of-a-kind home furniture refinishing & repair process allows us to apply our team's incredible creative skills to an unbelievable range of furniture types. Our furniture services are great for:

  • Doors
  • Cabinets
  • Dressers
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Couches & Loveseats
  • Dining Sets

If you use it, our team has the skills to fix it. Ask us about unusual items such as trunks, racks, pianos and more – our home furniture refinishing team is always eager to meet new challenges and master new techniques, and we'd love to show you why we're so proud of our work. Take a look at some of our furniture refinishing results here.

Remarkably Meticulous Home Furniture Services

Every time our team takes on a new home furniture fix, we pour time, care, and effort into the repairs and refinishing. Our craftsmen love and respect furniture, and they treat each new piece as if it were one of their own.

Have a look inside the Aaron's Touch Up & Restoration home furniture repair and refinishing process.

Robust Repair

Structural furniture repair services take priority when refinishing home furniture. We recreate a solid frame with reliable hardware and provide stabilization so that your refinished piece is fully usable. We remove old, worn glues and replace them with our own glue resistant to stripping agents for an ageless hold.Furniture_Refinishing

Thorough Preparation

Each step of our preparation process is coordinated to minimize damage and maximize the effectiveness of our restoration.

1. Stripping – Our hand-strip flow-over system preserves the integrity of your furniture's wood without bombarding it with caustic solvents. The flow-over system places your piece in a stripping tray, where a master craftsman brushes your piece with a stripping agent to slowly, gently slough off layers of old finish. Our stripping agent is also selected to preserve urea-formaldehyde glues common among valuable antiques. We rinse the stripped piece with a custom mix of water, oxalic acid, and a mild bleach to even color and draw out minerals that cause discoloration.

2. Steaming – The natural power of steam allows us to carefully pull out nicks and dents without having to sand through them. The heat and moisture from the steam help the wood expand naturally and, once dried, leaves the surface extraordinarily smooth.

3. Stopping – Drawers and doors are fitted so that they function gracefully. We inspect and repair slides and glides, then fit leaves and detail the piece to revive its natural beauty. All sides of the piece undergo minor repairs, including the inside of drawers or boxes.

4. Sanding – Any flat surfaces, including inside surfaces, are block-sanded, a hand-sanding process that employs an elongated block equipped with grade-customization sandpaper. The block sanding method eliminates the unevenness associated with machine sanding.

Flawless Finish

Our home furniture repair services experts brush on a base stain to bring your piece to its preliminary color. We fill in imperfections with a sanding sealer that prevents splitting, cupping, bowing, and warping by preventing the absorption and release of moisture. If needed, we'll apply additional coats of sealer to protect fine, grainy woods such as walnut and mahogany.

To create brilliant color, we pigment the wood filler and apply aniline dye, known for its depth and clarity. Aniline dyes help shade entire pieces or just individual areas. The finishing touch is a hand-rubbed pre-catalyzed lacquer topcoat that offers water and acid resistance.

Home Furniture Refinishing Services Have Never Looked So Good

Treasure and preserve the timeless beauty of your home furniture with a fix from Aaron's Touch Up & Restoration. Share our passion for restoration and refinishing - call us at (214) 647-1604 or send us some information to get a free quote and talk to an expert at one of the most skilled and passionate home furniture refinishing services providers in the nation.

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