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Cabinet Refinishing Services

cabinet refinishing

Replacing your cabinets seems easy and quick – but it actually takes a tremendous amount of time, considerable effort, and it's terribly costly. Don't toss the strong, finely-crafted cabinets you already have into the furnace. Instead, trust Aaron's Touch Up & Restoration to revive your cabinets with countless years of restoration expertise and a careful hand.

Cabinet Refinishing vs. Replacement

Replacing your cabinets requires a team of workers to tear down the existing cabinet structure you have in your kitchen and remeasure, refit, and recreate the entirety of your cabinetry. Refinishing, however, allows the craftsmen at Aaron's Touch Up to gently remove the parts they need to restore and deliver a finished product to you with minimal downtime. Working with cabinet refinishing companies such as ours saves you:

  • Money – There's no need to buy new, expensive doors and shelving. We restore the cabinets you already own and love. Pricing is based on linear feet of the cabinet, and we'll even provide in-home consultation and measurement.
  • Time – Forget remeasuring and designing a new logistical scheme for your kitchen. We work on frames for an average of 3-5 business days, and can usually deliver drawers and doors within 7-10 business days.
  • Waste – In a world already heavy with waste, restoration allows you to prevent the creation of more garbage by recycling your materials. We work with all kinds of finishes, including antique and glazed finishes, so there's no need to buy new cabinets to get the finish you want.

If you're still unsure, talk to a friendly Aaron's Touch Up & Restoration representative or take a look at some of our previous cabinet refinishing projects. We provide up to 3 samples free, and if you still aren't satisfied, we'll bring in additional samples for only $25 each. We'll even install hardware that has fallen out or vanished over the years as long as you can provide it!

More Than Just Refinishing Kitchen Cabinetscabinet refinishing

Our master craftsmen have honed their skills over countless years of furniture restoration, and they've picked up an incredible sense of aesthetics along the way. We can transform your cabinets into masterpieces of contemporary cabinetry. Refinishing is available in such styles as:

  • Natural Finish – Preserve the look of your cabinets' wood in its most natural state. For a natural finish, we don't use toners, stains, or paints. Instead, we apply only a protective topcoat to prevent superficial damage.
  • Distressed Finish – Distressed wood mimics the appearance of antique furniture that has outlasted its protective layers of paint and sealant. It's a popular look in modern homes that awakens feelings of nostalgia.
  • Stain – Highlight the natural colors of the wood from which your cabinets are made. It recreates the brilliance of nature in unique tones.
  • Paint – Enjoy the flexibility to recreate your kitchen in illustrious color schemes that reflect your personality, from bright and cheerful to sleek and professional.
  • Glaze – Let your lights and the sun illuminate your kitchen with the glossy finish of glaze. It helps you bring out natural light and emphasizes edges, grooves, and veins in the wood.
  • Crackle – Chemical compounds age and wear your wood before it's protected, adding a new dimension to the look of distress.

How We Do It

Behind the scenes, restoration experts are working non-stop to ensure that your cabinet refinishing job is completed on-time and up-to-standard. Take a look at what happens once we bring your cabinets back to the workshop:

1. Prep – First, we strip the protective layers and stain from doors and drawers
2. Restore – Second, we sand the wood down and eliminate imperfections. We retouch
fine edges and corners.
3. Finish – Once we clean the wood, we'll add a finish based on the sample you choose.
4. Install – Our team will then reassemble the cabinets with their new finish in your home.
5. Clean – We'll dispatch professional cleaners to make sure there's no dust or debris leftover.

From start to finish, Aaron's Touch Up & Restoration works to make your entire kitchen cabinet refinishing experience unforgettable. Feel free to ask us about the process before and after your restoration is complete!

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing with Old-School Values

Kitchen cabinet restoration isn't a new craft, but we've made it into an art that we love deeply. Share our passion for restoration and refinishing - call us at (214) 647-1604 or send us some information to get a free quote and talk to an expert at one of the most skilled and passionate cabinet refinishing companies in the nation – Aaron's Touch Up & Restoration.

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