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Furniture Gold Leafing

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At Aaron’s Touch Up, we believe in restoring your furniture to its former glory. If you have furniture or wooden frames with genuine gold leaf, we have experience bringing it back to life. Gold leaf has been used for ornamentation purposes for millennia, dating back to ancient Egypt. With over a decade of experience in furniture repair and gold leafing on furniture, Aaron’s Touch Up has the knowledge you need.

Whether you need to repair a piece with gold leaf on it or you’re interested in applying gold leaf to a new piece, our Dallas studio can apply a gilded finish to many surfaces. Genuine gold leaf is timeless, and it brings warmth and beauty to furniture, frames, and fixtures. Consider gold leafing furniture with Aaron’s Touch Up today.

What is the History of Gold Leafing on Furniture?

Human beings have admired gold for thousands of years. Its versatility and malleability have allowed artisans to use it for many purposes. Gold leaf was used extensively in Ancient Egypt to embellish symbols of the gods. Since then, the manufacture, application, and care of gold leaf haven't changed all that much.

How Should I Care for My Gold Leaf? 

Properly cared for, gold leafing on furniture will last for several lifetimes. Unfortunately, it is often incorrectly cared for, touched-up or re-gilded with bronze or gold powder paints, damaging the leaf’s luster and brilliance. Aaron’s Touch Up can remove excess paint or finish and allow your gold leaf to shine through.

If we’re applying gold leaf for the first time, we use a special glue to attach gold leaf on furniture or other surfaces. Wiping with a wet cloth can damage the glue. We recommend dusting, brushing, or using a light vacuum for cleaning. Moisture, in general, can be damaging to the gold leaf.

Why Aaron’s Touch Up? 

Aaron’s Touch Up has been providing professional gold leafing furniture services and furniture repair to the Dallas area for over a decade. You can see our work throughout the area, in businesses and homes. If you’re interested in gold leafing on furniture, for repair or application, we can set up a consultation in your home or our studio. Call us or fill out our online contact form to learn more about our services. Your family will love your gold leafing on furniture for generations.

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