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Furniture Reupholstery Services

reupholstery services

Upholstery and reupholstery shops all make the same claim: We'll make your furniture like new. At Aaron's, we reupholster with a different goal: We'll bring your furniture back to its original brilliance or better. Our team knows well the shortcuts that furniture manufacturers take to create pieces that make money rather than please customers. We're also familiar with the corners that our competitors cut when they approach furniture reupholstery, and we have created processes that ensure you won't see the results of such an approach.

The experts at Aaron's take furniture reupholstery on the road less traveled. Hands unmatched in experience and skill weave, seal, and reupholster your family couch, favorite chair, trusty recliner, or any other piece of furniture that you hold dear – and they do so with the same love and attention they would give their own furniture.

What Is Furniture Reupholstery?

Reupholstery is the restoration of the webbing, springs, frame, and fabric of existing furniture. Owners choose trust an upholstery shop to renew their furniture when the frame is of high quality but the upholstery needs to be repaired or renewed. Furniture built before the 1980s often features hardy wood or steel framing in intricate designs that are difficult to achieve or recreate. Crafting quality frames is difficult, so reupholstery was born to help owners of fine furniture extend the life of their pieces. 

The practice involves more than just fabric replacement. Master craftsmen will carefully deconstruct your furniture to the frame, restore the look of the frame, replace or repair parts that need attention, add new fillings and supports, and integrate new, resilient, and gorgeous fabric that will breathe new life into the furniture you love. At Aaron's Touch Up, that's what we consider to be a job well done. Take a look at some of our furniture upholstery work now.

Why Reupholster My Furniture?

Customers unfamiliar with furniture reupholstery may be hesitant to trust a reupholstery shop with their furniture. While the idea of buying new furniture or covering the existing fabric is tempting, there are a few reasons not to jump into a new purchase.

  • New Furniture Is Costly and Lower Quality: It is a rarity for furniture manufacturers use durable and beautiful materials to create memorable frames for their pieces. It is even more uncommon to find furniture is handmade, and if it is, you're likely to find the price to be astronomical. Preserve the quality furnishings you already own with furniture reupholstery from a shop you trust.
  • Slipcovers Don't Solve the Problem: Throwing a cover over your furnishings can certainly provide a quick change in aesthetic, but for furniture that needs more than a facelift, you'll need to reupholster your chairs and couches. Inside your furniture, you'll find springs and webbing that provide support for your weight when you use them. Those parts age over time, giving less resistance and bending or warping your furniture. Unfortunately, there's not a slipcover available that will reset the support system of your furniture. We recommend heading to an upholstery shop.
  • Reupholstery Helps Save the Environment: Buying new furnishings signals furniture manufacturers to use more raw materials to create more low-quality furnishings. Your friends at Aaron's reupholstery shop, however, will use only the materials and resources they need to restore your already rugged and splendid frame to its former magnificence. You'll help save the precious resources of your planet and give new life to your most precious furnishings simultaneously.

Reupholster Your Chairs and Couches at Aaron's Touch Up and Restoration Today

Take advantage of the cost-effectiveness and proven value of a masterful furniture reupholstery effort with the help of your trusted craftsmen at Aaron's Touch Up. Call us or send us some information to learn more about our comprehensive reupholstery services and how they can work to reintroduce the splendor of your furniture to the world today!

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