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Why Refinish?

Refinishing wood furniture sometimes seems so challenging that people often just throw their valuable old pieces away. However, underneath old paint, finishes, and dirt are beautiful treasures waiting to be unearthed. Aaron’s Touch Up & Restoration can bring your old wood furniture back to life through our special process that restores wood furniture to its former glory. You can preserve the original patina and character of the original finish or start over with a new finish that suits your modern sensibility. With years of experience in furniture restoration, you can rest assured that Aaron’s Touch Up will create make your refinished wood furniture even better than the original pieces.

Why Go Professional?

There are dozens of DIY sites out there that explain how to refinish your own old photo-4wood furniture.  While this may be effective for small projects, the experienced team at Aaron’s Touch Up and Restoration have the expertise and tools to completely restore almost any piece to its original glory. A do-it-yourself effort would require using solvents to remove stains, finding matching finishes, and sanding, which can make wood furniture refinishing projects time-consuming and difficult and often will bring less-than pleasing results. Some wooden pieces are ornate and are difficult to sand and stain without professional tools. If you have a valuable antique that you don’t want to damage, you will want to ensure your piece’s safety and condition by trusting the experts at Aaron’s Touch Up. We have a process and the expertise to make sure your important wooden furniture pieces are restored correctly and beautifully.

Our Process

Aaron’s Touch Up and Restoration uses the finest quality finishes in our restoration process. Our procedure is designed to protect and enhance your wooden furniture while refinishing it.

  • Repairs: We start off by repairing any major damage to the piece in order to prevent glue from soaking into the raw wood. Any glue from the old finish will be stripped off, and when we strip the piece by hand, none of the new glue we use will be removed.
  • Stripping: Instead of stripping using a large industrial machine, we hand-strip only, using an improved flow-over system. We keep the stripper in a reservoir and pump it through as nylon-bristled brush. We work from the top to the bottom of your wood furniture piece, removing the old finish quickly and carefully. We use a specially formulated stripper that leaves older glues on antique wooden pieces intact. We also use a special rinse that brings mineral discoloration to the surface to be sanded off and evens out color tones.
  • Prepping: Prior to sanding, any nicks or dents in the piece are steamed out to preserve the precious wood during the furniture finish repair We fit and stop drawers and doors, check slides and glides, fit leaves, and complete any other details necessary. We also perform any minor repairs before sanding everything down to finish quality.
  • Finishing: We prepare a base stain that brings wooden furniture to a preliminary color. Each surface is sealed using a sanding sealer to prevent splitting, cupping, bowing, and warping by preventing the wood to gain or give off moisture. For grainier woods like walnut or mahogany, additional coats of sealer can be used to fill the grain. Aaron’s Touch Up and Restoration offers many different and unique dying options for your wood furniture restoration, including aniline dyes, known for their depth and clarity, which are used to shade pieces. We also use pre-catalyzed lacquer topcoats to get your piece hand-rubbed to its desired sheen.

Refinish Your Wood Furniture Today

If you have a piece collecting dust in your attic or an heirloom sitting in your dining room that just needs a touch-up to look good as new, look no further than Aaron’s Touch Up and Restoration for your wood furniture refinishing needs. Contact us to get a free estimate today!

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"I really appreciate you helping me out here. The guys did a great job... Thank you!"


"Table looks great! I was very impressed with both the pick up and delivery crew as they were very courteous and professional.

Thanks for your help!"

"Just wanted to thank you for doing such a beautiful job on my client’s chairs. She was thrilled!"


"I am so excited about the work you did! Thank you so much! It is refreshing to have work done correctly and of extraordinary quality, additionally on a professional level at all times! Thank you!"

"I think it looked great, I look forward to using you all again!"


"I will definitely recommend Aaron’s Touchup to all my friends. You all did a fantastic job on my Great Grandmother’s dining table and chairs. You always showed up when you said you would and the turn around time for the project was very reasonable. Thanks for doing such a great job!"


"I can't thank you enough for all the incredible work you did for us on the vanity and foosball table. The entire family was blown away, (especially my grandmother) to see all of the pieces reunited and restored as if nothing had ever happen. It led to all kinds of memories and stories had never heard before and made a truly magical thanksgiving.

Thank You so, so much!"