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Our team at Aaron's Touch Up trusts the impassioned family of fabric fanatics at Greenhouse Fabrics to consistently deliver dependable, damage-resistant fabrics in brilliant designs. Their fabrics accent our hands-on upholstery technique to provide one-of-a-kind restorations that echo the unique personalities of our customers.

The upholstery fabric you buy affects the overall quality of your finished product. While our masters of restoration prefer to work with fabrics from Greenhouse Fabrics that will hold tight, resist damage, and protect your furniture for ages, we also accept and use fabrics found by you. We don't charge a fabric cutting fee or a customer's own fabric (COM) fee, but we do encourage you to trust in the superior durability and beauty of Greenhouse Fabrics.

Benefits of Greenhouse Fabrics

Sales of upholstery fabric from Greenhouse Fabrics at Aaron's are high for a reason. You're not likely to find upholstery fabric in Dallas of similar or better make than the fabrics that we endorse. Greenhouse Fabrics boast:

  • An unmatched fabric selection – You'll find fabrics that match every color of the rainbow in styles that harken from the Victorian era to the contemporary and sometimes beyond. Choose from a massive selection of swatches that won't make you compromise.
  • Backing by a fabric family – Fabric is a business that spans generations at Greenhouse Fabrics. It is a family-owned enterprise held aloft by a company of employees that live and breathe the world of fabric and interior decoration.
  • Years of touch-up and restoration success – Companies nationwide have trusted Greenhouse Fabrics to deliver a product that their customers want again and again. Aaron's has found the same success, and we want to pass the goodness on to you.

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Our Upholstery Process

Every piece you bring to us, whether home or commercial furnishing, is treated as special. We start from square one, inspecting fabric, webbing, springs, and frame to discover where we can polish your furniture to a new brilliance. Our process looks like this:

1. Careful removal of existing upholstery fabric

2. Re-webbing and re-tying of strings

3. Re-padding of the frame with new fabric

4. Recovery and refilling of cushions

5. Addition of finishing touches and flourishes

6. Inspection of finished product

We have a variety of fillings for cushions available that can either match the original or create a new feel for your furniture. Choose from down, cotton, foam, or Dacron, and restore or add decorative trim, throw pillows, and skirts.

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Our team is well-versed in upholstery fabric sales, so you can rest assured that when you buy your upholstery fabric from us, you're getting a remarkable deal at a price that's a steal. Call us at (214) 647-1604 or send us some information to learn more about what our home décor fabric can do for your Dallas or Fort Worth home or commercial furnishings now!

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