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Eames chair

Some of Our Favorite Antique Furniture Designers

August 19, 2019

While the United States boasts far fewer antique pieces than older countries around the world, one can still find a selection of collectible and vintage furniture in homes and shops across the country. Once restored to their former glory, antique pieces give us a unique glimpse into the craftsmen of America’s past. Early American furniture…

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loveseat upholstery cushion replacement - after picture

Refreshing Your Inherited Furniture

July 6, 2019

People don’t always know what to do with inherited furniture from loved ones. Family heirlooms, despite their high sentimental value, often look too dull to stand out in your home—but inherited pieces don’t have to take a back seat. Read on for tips on redesigning and refinishing antique furniture to your liking, making it a…

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reupholstered set of gray fabric chairs with leaf pattern and ottoman in the middle after photo

Ways to Make Your Furniture Look Like New

June 27, 2019

Making old furniture look new, even modern, isn’t as hard as it seems. If you have furniture that needs an update, whether it’s a tired family heirloom or an old-fashioned piece you picked up at a garage sale, consider these clever hacks to make it look new again. Furniture Makeover 101 Before refurbishing an old…

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Freshly stained piece of wood furniture

Choosing the Best Wood Stain for Your Furniture

June 19, 2019

Staining can change the look of your furniture for the better by emphasizing the wood grain and making old wood look like new—but selecting the right wood stain is not always easy. Before diving headfirst into your next project, consider the type of wood you are working with and think carefully about your preferred aesthetic…

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Collection of restored teak patio chairs

Tips for Restoring Your Patio Furniture

June 5, 2019

Summer is a wonderful time to lounge in the backyard: The sun is out, birds are chirping, and there is plenty of daylight left to enjoy after work. To get the most of your leisure time, you need clean and comfortable patio furniture. Performing periodic cleaning and maintenance throughout the year ensures your patio furniture…

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Antique buffet table with intricate wood marquetry

Preserving Historical Homes & Antique Furniture

March 11, 2019

Antique Furniture and Historical Décor Restoration Techniques We recommend proper maintenance and care to maintain the integrity of furniture with historical value.  When deciding to restore your historical décor, it is important to make note of the factors that will shape your decision:  understanding its history, its architecture, current condition, the extent of the damage,…

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Judge's bench with refinished wood

Refinishing Furniture in the Workspace

February 28, 2019

At Aaron’s Touch Up & Restoration, we believe maintaining the functionality and look of office furniture helps employees feel happy and comfortable while hard at work. For over a decade, we have helped business owners extend the life and look of their business and commercial hospitality furniture, ensuring the wellbeing of employees and clients alike.…

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Meet the Management!

October 4, 2018

Meet Rachel and Braxton!  They are the people behind the phone calls and emails.  They work very hard in our front office and communicate your needs to us! Rachel – Office Manager Rachel was referred to us from a local contractor and joined in 2015.  Now, she is our steady office manager with sass and spunk. …

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What’s the Best Fabric for Outdoor Furniture Cushions?

August 22, 2018

Having an outdoor space to entertain family and friends is an enjoyable way to gather and share memories. When choosing an outdoor furniture set, most buyers look for fabrics that will have great appeal while withstanding the elements. Even if your patio furniture is under an awning or another type of covering, in most cases…

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Oak furniture

How to Identify Different Types of Wood in Antique Furniture

August 14, 2018

Artisans, cabinet and furniture-makers choose different types of woods to be used in furniture for their various qualities.  With a myriad of ways to cut and stain wood, it can be difficult to determine the type of wood used in antique furniture and trace it to a specific period.  There are additional variations within each…

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